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Common Questions

What guarantees can you offer that the job will be finished on time and on budget?

Being able to see the tree or trees that need work done and knowing exactly what you want or need done helps me to give you an accurate quote. While there are many mishaps that could happen during the process of servicing a tree, I work as quickly and as safely as possible to achieve the desired results.

How can I be sure you are the right person for the job?

I have had over 20 years of experience, and have successfully completed many jobs that other companies have refused to do due to the size of the tree or the risks involved. Each and every job is done with care, and at a reasonable price.

What experience do you have?

My father began teaching me how to climb, trim, and manage trees when I was an adolescent. Over the years, I have worked for different tree service companies, clearing trees that had fallen due to natural disasters all over the east coast, as far as into Canada. I have done many private, residential jobs, and am well known by many for my tree servicing skills, work speed, and precision.

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